Fujitsu Tablet Button issue on Windows 7 x64

So I’ve been having strange issues with my Fujitsu tablet.   The buttons on the bezel stopped working for no apparent reason. (but I now suspect was due to a system update) I started getting the following error when I would try to rotate the screen with the rotate button.

“SetSlate returned error. FjSetSlt is exiting”

After some looking around at and some trial and error I found a solution.

Originally I tried the procedures outlined by a number of people to uninstall the button utility, reboot, uninstall driver, reboot, delete the buttons directory under the program files/fujitsu directory, reboot then reinstall the driver, reboot, reinstall the utility…..

unfortunately this didn’t work.

However, I noticed that during the installation process, Windows7 as usual would ask the typical UAC question… “This program is attempting to make changes to the system…. ”  (or whatever it normally says) and the install program opened a couple of command windows.  These windows would then generate a couple of errors.  This got me to thinking about some issues I was having with some other software on my new development machine at work… and I had an idea……

I turned off User Access Control and rebooted.

now… with UAC turned off I followed the directions..

  • Uninstall the button utility
  • Reboot
  • Uninstall the button drivers
  • Reboot
  • Re-install the button drivers
  • Reboot
  • Re-install the button utility
  • Reboot

….. it worked!   The buttons started to work……

I suspect that because UAC was enabled (even though I gave permission to the installation program) the command files that it used did NOT have elevated (admin) permissions and therefore failed to perform whatever actions they were supposed to carry out.   (hence the error messages)

Now the next thing I need to try is to see if this idea might help me fix the blue-tooth problem I was having a couple months ago  (which again happened after an system update)


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7 responses to “Fujitsu Tablet Button issue on Windows 7 x64

  1. abite

    You rock, I have been searching around to solve the same problem. Finally, your method works!! Thanks!

  2. OH

    Worked!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!

    Turned off uac
    I did all the uninstalling at once (im inpatient)
    downloaded the 3 button drivers from fj
    then did both orig button driver installs
    installed the button update
    NO ERROR!!!
    thanks again!!

  3. Jess

    Thanks this helped a lot.

  4. I spent a whole working day to track down such an issue on a Fujitsu T901 with Windows 8 using the Windows 7 drivers (because there are no native win8 drivers out yet) and your article finally helped! It seems that the Fujitsu drivers do some srtrange batch subroutines that need the permission to make changes to the system, which was surpressed by the UAC. Thanks a lot!!!

  5. Mags

    I’m experiencing the same issue after I installed Windows 8 enterprise on a Fujitsu Q702 tablet. But this fix doesn’t seem to work for me. Any ideas that might help me???

  6. Same issue on the Windows 8 Enterprise. Your solution didn’t helped me. And I’ve decided to delete all the Fujitsu Utilities. After deleting all the utilities I’ve realized that the buttons on a tablet started to work! But the brightness buttons stopped working instead. After I’ve installed button utility everything is working fine.

  7. thanks,
    I had issues with a Fujitsu T5010 and the buttons and this fixed the issue right up. UAC… will not forget about it next time an install didn’t go as planned.

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